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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New in Print

ErjEmployee Rights and Employment Policy Journal 

The Supreme Court's 2011-2012 Labor and Employment Law Decisions: From the Controversial to the Peripheral
L. Camille Hebert

Papers from the American Bar Foundation - The Labor Law Group Conference on The Proposed Restatement of Employment Law

The Proposed Restatement of Employment Law at Midpoint
Lea VanderVelde

The Restatement's Supersized Duty of Loyalty Pension
Michael Selmi

Contingent Loyalty and Restricted Exit: Commentary on the Restatement of Employment Law 
Catherine Fisk & Adam Barry

An Excursion Through Strange Terrain: Chapter 6 (Defamation) And 7 (Privacy and Autonomy)
Matthew W. Finkin

What Should The Proposed Restatement of Employment Law Say About Remedies?
Alan Hyde

Remedies Doctrines in Employment Law: Ready to be Restated, or in Need of Remedial Remedies?
Robert Covington

Papers from the Associations of the American Law Schools 2012 Annual Meeting Section of Labor Relations and Employment Law

Introduction: Guaranteeing the Rights of Public Employees
Ann C. McGinley & Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt

Sifting Through the Wreckage of the Tsunami that Hit Public Sector Collective Bargaining
Martin H. Malin

Five Dead in Ohio: Ohio Citizens Overwhelmingly Support Public Employee Collective Bargaining (61 Percent to 39 Percent) in a November 2011 State Referendum Blocking the Implementation of Senate Bill 5 
Jeffrey H. Keefe

Maintaining Union Resources in an ERA of Public-Sector Bargaining Retrenchment
Ann C. Hodges

"Before Wisconsin and Ohio": The Quiet Success of Card-Check Organizing in the Public Sector
Timothy D. Chandler & Rafael Gely


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