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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dog Bites Man Story from the Nota Bene Blog

Under the headline "Contract Law Can Be Interesting!" Nota Bene, a blog by the librarians at the University of Houston O'Quinn Law Library, features a post praising some recent contracts law books.  Other interesting posts on the Nota Bene blog include "Objects Fall to Earth," "Smoking May Be Harmful to Your Health," and "Cubs Unlikely to Win World Series this Year."  

After proclaiming contracts to be right up there with civil procedure on the list of most boring law courses, he author \recommends two books that can make this daunting subject palatable: Contracts Stories, edited by Douglas Baird, and Larry Cunningham's Contracts in the Real World, about which we posted an online symposium a few months ago.

I also recommend these books, but I'm not sure the blog post's author's marketing strategy is going to work.  He says, in effect, "I recommend to you these two books (only one of which I've read) about a subject that doesn't interest you.  If you did not enjoy studying contracts, here are two books about contracts that will cause you to upgrade your attitutude towards the subject from 'feh' to 'meh.'"

Whatever.  I always thought that the point of books like Contracts Stories is to enable students to learn more about the fascinating cases that they studied in their law courses.  They also provide insights into litigation strategies, legal history, business strategies underlying contractual disputes, and lots of other useful supplements to the raw case law.  Contracts in the Real World is an excellent representation of the sorts of issues that come up in the world of contracts law all the time.  If there were some huge gap bewteen what Larry Cunningham talks about in his book and what we talk about in contracts courses, the book would not be as useful as it is.

Ultimately both books are born of a love of contracts law.  And a book is a mirror. . . .


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