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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Surrogate Offered Money to Have Abortion

After a surrogate refused to abort a fetus with abnormalities, a tangled legal battle ensued.  The surrogacy contract provided that the surrogate would have an abortion "in case of severe fetus abnormality" but the surrogate refused the biological parents' pleas (and offer of $10,000) to have an abortion.  Here's some of the story from

On February 22, 2012, six days after the fateful ultrasound, Kelley received a letter. The parents had hired a lawyer.

"You are obligated to terminate this pregnancy immediately," wrote Douglas Fishman, an attorney in West Hartford, Connecticut. "You have squandered precious time."

On March 5, Kelley would be 24 weeks pregnant, and after that, she couldn't legally abort the pregnancy, he said.


Fishman reminded Kelley that she'd signed a contract, agreeing to "abortion in case of severe fetus abnormality." The contract did not define what constituted such an abnormality.

Kelley was in breach of contract, he wrote, and if she did not abort, the parents would sue her to get back the fees they'd already paid her -- around $8,000 -- plus all of the medical expenses and legal fees.

Fishman did not return phone calls and e-mails from CNN.

Kelley decided it was time to get her own attorney.

Michael DePrimo, an attorney in Hamden, Connecticut, took the case for free. He explained that no matter what the contract said, she couldn't be forced to have an abortion.

DePrimo sent an e-mail to Fishman, the parents' lawyer, stating that Kelley was not going to have an abortion.

"Ms. Kelley was more than willing to abort this fetus if the dollars were right," Fishman shot back.

"The not-so-subtle insinuation that Ms. Kelley attempted to extort money from your clients is unfounded and reprehensible," DePrimo responded. "If you wish to propose a solution to this unspeakable tragedy, I will listen and apprize (sic)my client accordingly."

"However, as I mentioned in my previous correspondence, abortion is off the table and will not be considered under any circumstance," he said.

The entire story is here.

[Meredith R. Miller]

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