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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Blog Round Up

JlipshawWe have been relatively quiet these past few days as we focus on digestion and other festive activities.  But other law bloggers have been busy.

Bernstein-gaia-lg_1Over at Prawfsblawg, Jeff Lipshaw (pictured, left) has an extended discussion of "legal realism" and contracts pedagogy, and a few other prawfs jump in with interesting comments.

Meanwhile, over at Concurring Opinions, Gaia Bernstein (pictured right) has a post on legislative prohibitions on egg and sperm donor anonymity and the impact of such prohibitions on surrogacy.  According to Bernstein, such prohibitions are common abroad and are gaining ground in the U.S.  She has an article on the subject, which can be found here.

Also at Concurring Opinions, Dave Hoffman has this short post about a provision in credit agreements providing that collection calls are not to be treated as "unsolicited."  Dave suggests that screening calls from one's bank might then be construed as a breach of contract, but a comment suggests that the provision only protects the bank against any allegation that it has violated "do not call" list regulations.


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