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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New in Print

Pile of Books
Gregory M. Duhl, International Sale of Goods. 67 Bus. Law. 1337 (2012). 

Paula A. Franzese, A Short and Happy Guide to the Law of Sales (West, 2012)

Kouslaa Tunee Kessler-Mata, Empowerment through Incorporation? The Trouble with Agreement Making and Tribal Sovereignty, 47 Tulsa L. Rev. 599 (2012)

Jennifer S. Martin, Sales. 67 Bus. Law. 1227 (2012)

Ann Morales Olazabal, Robert W. Emerson, Karen D. Turner and Rene Sacasas, Survey. Global Sales Law: An Analysis of Recent CISG Precedents in U.S. Courts 2004-2012, 67 Bus. Law. 1351 (2012)

Paul Spruhan, Standard Clauses in State-Tribal Agreements: The Navajo Nation Experience, 47 Tulsa L. Rev. 503 (2012)


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