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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New in Print

Pile of BooksScott J. Burnham, Thoughts on the Withdrawal of Amended Article 2, 52 S. Tex. L. Rev. 519 (2011)

Donald C. Carroll, At-Will Employment: The Arc of Justice Bends Towards the Doctrine's Rejection, 46 U.S.F. L. Rev. 655 (2012).

Chris Dent, Negotiating Control of Artefacts of Creation -- Intellectual Property, Know-How, Confidential Information and Contracts, 43 IIC: Int'l Rev. Intell. Prop. & Competition L. 248 (2012)

Henry Deeb Gabriel, The 2003 Amendments of Article Two of the Uniform Commercial Code: Eight Years or a Lifetime after Completion. 52 S. Tex. L. Rev. 487 (2011)

Fred H. Miller, What Can We Learn from the Failed 2003-2005 Amendments to UCC Article 2? 52 S. Tex. L. Rev. 471 (2011)

John E. Murray, Jr. Revised Article 2: Eliminating the "Battle" and Unconscionability, 52 S. Tex. L. Rev. 593 (2011)

George P. Roach, Rescission in Texas: A Suspect Remedy. 31 Rev. Litig. 493 (2012) 

John M. Scheib, Mind the Gap: Why the Current Case Law on Demurrage Makes Little Sense and Undermines the Federal Statute, 39 Transp. L.J. 53 (2012)

Holly K. Towle, Enough Already: It Is Time to Acknowledge that UCC Article 2 Does not Apply to Software and Other Information, 52 S. Tex. L. Rev. 531 (2011)

Maureen A. Weston, The Death of Class Arbitration after Concepcion? 60 U. Kan. L. Rev. 767 (2012)


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