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Monday, June 11, 2012

'Wrap Cases Yet to Hit NZ

Since much of my research tends to at least recognize that we live in a multicultural, global, interconnected world, I was a bit embarrassed to discover how U.S. -centric I am with some of my assumptions about contract law. During one class, I told my bright and engaging students at VUW how contract law theory might help them address some novel contracting issues that will likely arise in their practice. My "war story" was working at a software company in the early nineties and trying to figure out whether shrinkwrap and clickwrap licenses were enforceable (although we didn't call them that then). My students were too kind to tell me that there are no cases on this topic either in New Zealand or Australia. No New Zealand equivalent of ProCD v. Zeidenberg? No subversion of the rules of offer and acceptance? No replacing consent with reasonable notice? It may be that other laws (consumer protective legislation and the unique tort system) make such issues less relevant.  In any event, it's possible that in the southern hemisphere at least there's still time to establish logical and doctrinally coherent precedent with respect to digital contracts. One can always hope...

[Nancy Kim]

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