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Monday, May 28, 2012

Introducing Our Guest Blogger, Danielle Rodabaugh

Rodabaugh_profileEvery year when I cover the Statute of Frauds, I think about the contracts that I learned were within the Statute: MYLEGS: contracts relating to Marriage; contracts that cannot be performed within one Year; contracts for the sale of Land; Executorship contracts; contracts for the sale of Goods in excess of $500; and Suretyship contracts.  The SoF case law that we cover in first-year contracts is always about goods, land, and the one-year limitation, so I've never really had to worry about the fact that I know nothing about suretyship.  

That may change now, because Danielle Rodabaugh (pictured) will be guest posting here starting tomorrow on topics relating to suretyship law.  

Danielle is the chief editor for, an online surety bond insurance agency that works with professionals across the nation. As a part of the company's ongoing educational outreach program, Danielle writes informational articles that help construction professionals better understand the legal implications involved with the bonding process.

Danielle is the chief editor of the Surety Bonds Insider, an online publication that tracks legal developments within the surety industry and explains how they affect working professionals across the nation. As a graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism, Danielle has a special interest in writing about issues related to changing insurance and finance policies. 

We look forward to some enlightening posts.


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