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Monday, April 16, 2012

Mark DeAngelis's Mixed Contracts Law Lessong

MdeangelisWe have previously posted links to Professor Mark DeAngelis's "Law Lessongs" on Raffles v. Wichelhaus, the UCC's Battle of the Forms (2-207), substantial performance, and offers from Professor DeAngelis's YouTube site .  

Today, we share his song about mixed contracts -- that is, how one decides whether a contract is one for goods, covered by the Uniform Commercial Code, or for services, covered by general rules of contract law

Here is his explanation of the lessong:

This is a "Law Lessong" - a law lesson in a song - that I wrote to help students consider the problem of mixed contracts under the Uniform Commercial Code. The mixed contract or "hybrid contract" involving both services and the sale of goods can be problematic for students. If the contract is predominantly one for the sale of goods, then the law of article 2 of the UCC applies. Often, this determination, that of which law applies, leads to an obvious resolution of the underlying legal issue. This song does not so much present students with strategies to make this determination, but acts as a reminder to do the "predominant purpose" analysis in the first place.


The Mixed Contract Song
By Mark DeAngelis

In a mixed contract, if issues arise,
In a mixed contract, what law applies?
With a mixed contract the UCC should,
If the predominant purpose is a sale of goods

Just last week I went to the store
I needed some carpet to cover my floor
The salesman said, "If you buy from me,
It's a special deal -- the installation is free."

The workers came in, they put the rug down.
"This carpet's not right," I said with a frown.
Ah, luckily with the UCC,
There's "perfect tender" and warranty.

A mixed contract, if issues arise,
A mixed contract, what law applies?
With a mixed contract use the UCC
If it's a sale of goods, predominantly.

With a Mixed contract, -- goods and services, too.
In a Mixed contract what law will do?
With a mixed contract under the UCC,
There's perfect tender and warranty.


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