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Monday, March 5, 2012

Thanks to Eniola Akindemowo!

EniolaThe Spring Contracts Conference was a huge success, thanks largely to the hard work of our co-blogger Eniola Akindemowo.  She was so busy dealing with logistics during the conference that she did not have enough time to hang out with many of the conferees, and we were remiss in failing to thank her properly.  But it was a great event, and it ran very smoothly, despite the fact that, through no fault of Professor Akindemowo, we got a late start on planning the conference this year.  As is always the case, the conference featured the usual heady mix of familiar faces, up-and-coming scholars, and practitioners with a scholarly bent.  We delighted in the opportunity to recognize Mel Eisenberg with a lifetime achievement award and Omri Ben-Shahar for his award-winning article, Fixing Unfair Contracts.

San Diego was a great location for the conference, and the Thomas Jefferson School of Law did a great job of hosting.  They have a truly magnificent new building, and rooms and tech support could not have been better for a conference such as ours.  The conference ran on time from start to finish, we all received well-organied binder with short versions of the conference papers, and I don't think I've ever attended a conference at which all of the PowerPoint presentations came off without a hitch.  

So thanks to Professor Akindemowo for all of her hard work in setting up and hosting the conference.  Until next year.


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