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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New in Print

We are happy to see new publications by two of our colleagues (Danielle Kie Hart, below left) and Cheryl Preston (below right) who presented at the annual Spring Contracts Conference earlier this month.

Ayoub M. Al-Jarbou, Administrative Contracts under Saudi Arabian Law. 41 Pub. Cont. L.J. 75 (2011).

Anita Bernstein, Toward More Parsimony and Transparency in "The Essentials of Marriage," 2011 Mich. St. L. Rev. 83

Debra D. Burke, and Angela J. Grube, The NCAA Letter of Intent: A Voidable Agreement for Minors? 81 Miss. L.J. 265 (2011)

HartJune Carbone, Marriage As a State of Mind: Federalism, Contract, and the Expressive Interest in Family Law, 2011 Mich. St. L. Rev. 49

Lauren Groth, Transforming Accountability: a Proposal for Reconsidering How Human Rights Obligations Are Applied to Private Military Security Firms. 35 Hastings Int'l & Comp. L. Rev. 29 (2012).

Danielle Kie Hart, Contract Law Now--Reality Meets Legal Fictions, 41 U. Balt. L. RPrestonev. 1 (2011)

Michael Holt & Gregory Klass, Implied Certification under the False Claims Act, 41 Pub. Cont. L.J. 1 (2011)

Cheryl B. Preston &  Brandon T. Crowther,  Infancy Doctrine Inquiries. 52 Santa Clara L. Rev. 47 (2012). 

Gabriella M. Racca, Roberto Cavallo Perin & Gian Luigi Albano, Competition in the Execution Phase of Public Procurement, 41 Pub. Cont. L.J. 89 (2011)

Claudia T. Salomon, & J.P. Duffy,  Enforcement Begins When the Arbitration Clause Is Drafted, 22 Am. Rev. Int'l Arb. 2714 (2011).

Nadine Tushe, U.S. Export Controls: Do they Undermine the Competitiveness of U.S. Companies in the Transatlantic Defense Market? 41 Pub. Cont. L.J. 57 (2011). 

Robert P. Wise, Finding the Mississippi UCC Sales Contract amid the RFQ, Quotes, Phone Calls, Emails, Purchase Order and Acknowledgement Forms, 30 Miss. C.L. Rev. 491 (2012)


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