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Friday, December 9, 2011

The Student Evaluation (in Limerick Form)

Bus. Org. Review SessionAs I write, my students at the DePaul University College of Law are taking my Business Organizations exam.  Because I visited at other law schools in Fall 2010 and this Fall, I have not taught contracts in two years.  I miss it, but I had a great deal of fun with the DePaul students.  They were very accepting of me despite the fact that I now have very long hair (for a business law professor) and I banned all use of laptops and electronic devices during class.  As a result, my class had a rather unorthodox look to it, as the picture at right illustrates.

Somehow, a tradition developed in my afternoon class that one of the students would draw a little picture on the attendance sheet.  But when I picked up the attendance sheet after the last day of class, there was no picture.  I immeidately protested.  After class, a student, who would neither confirm nor deny that he had drawn the previous pictures (the outcome of forensic testing is pending), drew a snowman holding a sign.  On the sign, he wrote the following:

At first, I thought Telman a kook,
He looks like Jesus and no Facebook
But despite my apprehension
I actually paid more attention.
That Telman's okay in my book.



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That brought a tear to my eye.

Posted by: Nancy | Dec 9, 2011 3:48:09 PM

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