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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New in Print

Pile of BooksAditi Bagchi, Unequal Promises, 72 U. Pitt. L. Rev. 467 (2011)

Michael A. Dorelli  and Phillip T. Scaletta, Recent Developments in Indiana Business and Contract Law. 44 Ind. L. Rev. 1053 (2011)

Surya Gablin Gunasekara, "Other Transaction" Authority: NASA's Dynamic Acquisition Instrument for the Commercialization of Manned Spaceflight or Cold War Relic? 40 Pub. Cont. L.J. 893 (2011) 

Brent A. Little and Cheryl B. Preston, ICANN Can: Contracts and Porn Sites-Choosing "to Play Internet Ball in American Cyberspace." 21 Pac. McGeorge Global Bus. & Dev. L.J. 79 (2008)

Heidi Lynn Osterhout, Maj. U.S. Air Force. No More "Mad Money": Salvaging the Commander's Emergency Response Program, 40 Pub. Cont. L.J. 935 (2011) 

Ryan Peterson, Regulating the Global Marketplace: Why the U.S. Government Must Revise the Current Rules on Contracting with Foreign-Controlled U.S. Businesses, 40 Pub. Cont. L.J. 1061 (2011)

Robert E. Scott & Paul B. Stephan, The Limits of Leviathan
: Contract Theory and the Enforcement of International Law (Cambridge UP 2011).

Stephen Waddams, Principle and Policy in Contract Law
: Competing or Complementary Concepts? (Cambridge UP 2011)


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