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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New in Print

There don't seem to be any new contracts law articles out this week, but Burnham I've got a new book to promote.  It's Scott Burnham's Contract Law for Dummies.

From time to time, students ask me if I can recommend a study guide for them.  My usual answer is, "No, I can't," because I never used any study guides when I was a law student and have never had occasion to read one subsequently, so I wouldn't know what to recommend.  But I have read Scott Burnham's book, because I provided some comments on it for the editor, and so I know that it is very good.  

Here's the publisher's summary:

DummiesTake the mumbo jumbo out of contract law and ace your contracts course

Contract law deals with the promises and agreements that law will enforce. Understanding contract law is vital for all aspiring lawyers and paralegals, and contracts courses are foundational courses within all law schools. Contract Law For Dummiestracks to a typical contracts course and assists you in understanding the foundational legal rules controlling voluntary agreements people enter into while conducting their personal and business affairs. Suitable as a supplement to introductory and advanced courses in contract law, Contract Law For Dummies gives you plain-English explanations of confusing terminology and aids in the reading and analysis of cases and statutes.

Contract Law For Dummies gives you coverage of everything you need to know to score your highest in a typical contracts course. You'll get coverage of contract formation; contract defenses; contract theory and legality; agreement, consideration, restitution, and promissory estoppel; fraud and remedies; performance and breach; electronic contracts and signatures; and much more.

  • Tracks to a typical contracts course
  • Plain-English explanations demystify intimidating information
  • Clear, practical information helps you interpret and understand cases and statutes

If you're enrolled in a contracts course or work in a profession that requires you to be up-to-speed on the subject, Contract Law For Dummies has you covered.


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