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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let's Dance: Hoffman on Mentoring v Scamming

In a characteristically insightful blog post, Dave Hoffman uses Vokes v. Arthur Murray as a nice launching point to discuss some aspects of the scam-critiques aimed at law schools.  Vokes is such a great teaching case, and Dave's post leaves me feeling like I could have done a better job teaching it this year.  

There's not much to add to the mix in the scamosphere, as many bloggers, including some of our own here at ContractsProf, have already commented very thoughtfully.  In my humble opinion, the law school scam coverage is old news often sloppily reported with the vitriol amps turned up higher.  And the coverage of these law school scam stories, at the New York Times in particular, seems completely disproportionate to the coverage of the number of other significant things happening in the world.  (You really want cynicism?  These stories get linked all over and end up on the most read and emailed list on the newspaper's website, driving page views. Page views drive advertising revenue.  So, why not write another law-school-is-a-scam article?).

Anyhow, perhaps ironically in light of the recent spate of "scam" coverage about law schools, it seems that the vast majority of my students had very little sympathy for Ms. Vokes.

[Meredith R. Miller]

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