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Monday, October 24, 2011

Round-up From the Blawgs

Above the Law reports on law-related things, including hottie lawyers, up for sale on e-Bay.

Gordon Smith reports on The Conglomerate about the recent contracts conference honoring the scholarship of Stewart Macauley.  By the way, if anyone out there attended and wants to file a report, please feel free to send us a guest post.  

Our partners in the Law Professor Blogs Network over at the Workplace Prof Blog have a couple of posts that are revelant to contracts.  First, Richard Bales reports on benefits cuts at Wal-Mart here.  Professor Bales also writes about a new Catalyst Report that finds that women are not to blame for the pay inequality that they suffer.  

Finally, over at Feminist Law Professors, Bridget Crawford often asks "Where are the Women?" when women are unrepresented or underrepresented in publications or conferences.  Well, the answer to "Where are the women writing on contracts law?" is not on the Feminist Law Professors blog.  It's here at the ContractsProf Blog.  


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