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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Contract Settlement Brings Out Softer Side of Sheen

Sheenkutcher Having blogged about Charlie Sheen's contractual dispute on what seems like nineteen previous occasions, I felt compelled to share the likely end of the story--a settlement reportedly worth $25 million--and to mention Sheen's post-settlement humility in recent interviews.  As our seven many loyal readers will recall, Sheen's contractual dispute with his Two-and-a-Half Men employer, Warner Brothers, involved multiple Contract law issues, including the lack of a morals clause, the unconscionability of a mandatory arbitration clause and the parties' gap in bargaining power.  Prior to the recent settlement, Sheen left the show and was replaced by fellow actor, Ashton Kutcher (pictured here).  Although there are many possible lessons to be learned from this whole saga, I think one of my current students, Huma Noorani, summed it up best when she said that the case "illustrates how costly imprecise language can be."

[Heidi R. Anderson]

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