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Friday, September 30, 2011

Tangled Web, Part II: Taymor and Spiderman Go to Arbitration

Jumping_Spider Six months ago, we reported on the departure of Tony Award winning director and MacArthur Foundation certified genius, Julie Taymor, from the trainwreck that is drawing full houses of rubber-neckers, Spiderman: Turn off the Dark.  Back then, we noted that the parties seemed to be trying to avoid anything approaching litigation.  Well, the gloves seem to be off now.

Today's New York Times reports that the two sides are heading for arbitration early next week, as both sides are claiming breach of contract.  Ms. Taymor claims that the Spiderman producers owe her $500,000 in royalties for her work on the musical and that she was paid only a $125,000 fee -- and that was five years ago.  She is represented by her union, the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society.

The Times reports that the directors are claiming that she is owed nothing because she was the one who breached the contract by being. . . , well, . .  difficult.   Details are sketchy because both sides are being very grown-up about all this and not trying to fight it out in the media, which is really a shame because there must be a lot of juicy gossip surrounding the most expensive production in the history of Broadway that is also the top-grossing show on Broadway but still barely makes enough to cover the costs of its unbelievable lavishness.


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