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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What Not to Wear: Carpenter's Edition

London Gundy We learn from our sources (and from this story on that carpenter Brent
Loveland is suing Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy (pictured, left) for breach of contract.  According to ESPN, Loveland claims that he showed up for work wearing a t-shirt that read "Oklahoma Baseball" in offensive red block letters.  Gundy then allegedly did his best Dogberry saying in effect:

Dost thou not suspect my place? Dost thou not suspect my years? . . . No, thou villain, thou art full of piety, as shall be proved upon thee by good witness. I am a wise fellow, and which is more, an officer, and which is more, a householder, and which is more, as pretty a piece of flesh as any is in Messina, and one that knows the law, go to . . . and one that hath two gowns, and everything handsome about him. Bring him away.

 Loveland claims $30,000 in damages from the loss of 13 weeks of work.  In the alternative, he could be given a $5000 debit card and a trip to NYC in order to buy a new wardrobe (with the advice of Stacy London, pictured, right) before being handed over to Ted Gibson and Carmindy for the final touches.

[JT, hat tip to Brian Shannon, of the Texas Tech University School of Law]

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