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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New in Print

Pile of Books Vincent Chiappetta, Patent Exhaustion: What's It Good For? 51 Santa Clara L. Rev. 1087 (2011).

Charles Daugherty, Note. Who needs contract law?--A Critical Look at Contractual Indemnification (or Lack Thereof) in FHAA and ADA "Design and Construct" Cases, 44 Ind. L. Rev. 545 (2011).

Jack M. Graves, Arbitration as Contract: The Need For a Fully Developed and Comprehensive Set of Statutory Default Legal Rules, 2 Wm. & Mary Bus. L. Rev. 227 (2011).

Sam Foster Halabi, Efficient Contracting between Foreign Investors and Host States: Evidence from Stabilization Clauses, 31 Nw. J. Int'l L. & Bus. 261 (2011)

Anne Layne-Farrar, An Economic Defense of Flexibility in IPR Licensing: Contracting around "First Sale" in Multilevel Production Settings, 51 Santa Clara L. Rev. 1149 (2011). 

Jennifer Alexis Knight, Comment. The Federal False Claims Act and the Accreditation of Institutions of Higher Education, 60 DePaul L. Rev. 755 (2011)

Lucinda Housley Luetkemeyer, Note. In a Class of Their Own: The Eighth Circuit Upholds a Credit Card Agreement's Class Action Waiver and Mandatory Arbitration Clause, 76 Mo. L. Rev. 231 (2011). 

Brittnay M. McMahon, The Science behind Surrogacy: Why New York Should Rethink Its Surrogacy Contracts Laws. 21 Alb. L.J. Sci. & Tech. 359-384 (2011).

Raymond T. Nimmer,  Copyright First Sale and the Over-riding Role of Contract. 51 Santa Clara L. Rev. 1311 (2011). 

Chris Willett, The Functions of Transparency in Regulating Contract Terms: UK and Australian Approaches, 60 Int'l & Comp. L.Q. 355 (2011). 


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