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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New in Print

Pile of Books Adam Epstein, An Exploration of Interesting Clauses in Sports, 21 J. Legal Aspects of Sport 1 (2011)

Martin Hogg, Review of Brian Coote, CONTRACT AS ASSUMPTION Oxford: Hart Publishing (, 2010, in 15 Edinburgh L. Rev. 315 (2011)

Mark Godfrey, Review of NON-CONTRACTUAL LIABILITY ARISING OUT OF DAMAGE CAUSED TO ANOTHER, prepared by Christian von Bar Oxford: Oxford University Press (, Principles of European Law, Study Group on a European Civil Code, 2009, in 15 Edinburgh L. Rev. 306 (2011)

Warren Swain, Review of Catharine MacMillan, MISTAKES IN CONTRACT LAW Oxford: Hart Publishing (, 2010, in 15 Edinburgh L. Rev. 318 (2011)

Kenneth Veitch, Social Solidarity and the Power of Contract, 38 J. L. & Society 189 (2011)

Plus: Here are the contents of Volume 7, Issue No. 2 of the European Review of Contract Law:

  • A Competitive Approach to EU Contract Law
        Karl Riesenhuber
  • Choice, Certainty and Diversity: Why More is Less
        Ruth Sefton-Green
  • The Commission's 2010 Green Paper on European Contract Law: Reflections on Union Competence in Light of the Proposed Options
        Kathleen Gutman
  • European Contract Law Reform and European Consumer Law – Two Related But Distinct Regimes
        Geraint Howells
  • A European Civil Law – for Whom and What Should it Include? Reflections on the Scope of Application of a Future European Legal Instrument
        Susanne Augenhofer
  • Is the DCFR ready to be adopted as an Optional Instrument?
        Marisaria Maugeri
  • The Common Frame of Reference and the Relationship between National Law and European Law
        Marisa Meli
  • ‘Good-Bye Harmonisation by Directives, Hello Cross-Border only Regulation?’ – A way forward for EU Consumer Contract Law
        Christian Twigg-Flesner
  • Policy Choices in European Consumer law: Regulation through ‘Targeted Differentiation’
        Vanessa Mak
  • An Economic Analysis of Harmonization Regimes: Full Harmonization, Minimum Harmonization or Optional Instrument?
        Fernando Gomez, Juan Jose Ganuza
  • Five political ideas of European contract law
        Martijn W. Hesselink
  • Green Paper on Policy Options for Progress Towards a European Contract Law for Consumers and Businesses What do we want?
        Assunção Cristas
  • ‘Choice is good.’ Really?
        John Cartwright
  • An Optional Instrument and Social dumping revisited
        Jacobien W. Rutgers
  • Towards a European Contract Law through Social Dialogue
        Alex Geert Castermans
  • General Conclusions


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