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Friday, April 1, 2011

Chicago Cubs Engage in Elaborate April Fools' Day Hoax

Cubs Perhaps they were miffed by the fact that this blog ruined the Cubs' planned opening day surprise when it announced the flurry of deals the Cubs had made in order to obtain the kind of starting line-up that could make them contenders.  

Or perhaps there were contractual problems that are preventing the Cubs from actually fielding their newly acquired talent.

Or perhaps they hope that by fielding a farm-club team on opening day, they will get their aging stars to retire or agree to set aside their no-trade options.

But the most likely explanation is that this season's starting line-up is just an April Fools' Day joke.  You gotta hand it to the Cubs, though.  If the Yankees fielded a team featuring a 1st baseman with a career batting average of .241, everyone would know it was a joke.  The Red Sox might be capable of that, but a first baseman with a lifetime batting average of .241 coupled with a no-pop, limited-speed second baseman who also hit .241 in 30 games last season?!?  Only the Cubs could make that believable.  

Still, the new motto, "At least we're not Pittsburgh" was a bit over the top.


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