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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New in Print: (Mostly) International Edition

Pileofbooks Mateja Djurovic, Serbian Contract Law: its development and the new Serbian Civil CodeEur. Rev. of Contract L. 65 (2011) 

Horst Eidenmüller, Why Withdrawal Rights? 7 Eur. Rev. of Contract L. 1 (2011) 

 Stefan Grundmann & Sebastian Uhlig, German Contract Law – Nearly a Decade After the Fundamental Reform in the Schuldrechtsmodernisierung,  Eur. Rev. of Contract L. 78 (2011) 

Theodore J. St. Antoine, Mandatory Employment Arbitration: Keeping It Fair, Keeping It Lawful, 60 Case West. Res. L. Rev. 629 (2010)

Salvatore Orlando, The Use of Unfair Contractual Terms as an Unfair Commercial Practice, 7 Eur. Rev. of Contract L. 76 (2011) 


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