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Monday, March 21, 2011

Netflix Lands "House of Cards"

HouseofCards An update on last week's post on Netflix's purchase of two entire seasons of the Kevin Spacey/David Fincher joint, "House of Cards."

1. The deal that we reported as imminent has apparently been closed now, as reported in The New York Times here.

2. As we suspected, the new "House of Cards" is an American adaptation of the brilliant BBC series "House of Cards," which we highly recommend and which is available on Netflix!

This deal could change many things about the way serialized television programs make their way into our living rooms.  Indeed, it may increase the percentage of television programs that are never watched in anything like a living room because they are watched on an iPad, some other tablet or the next generation of hand-held 4-D holographic projection systems complete with smell-o-vision.  

One aspect of the change is that Netflix plans to release episodes in bunches for those who need a good 4-hour fix of their latest addiction.


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