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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lady Gaga and Target to Part Ways?

 In what we expect will be the second (here's the first) in a steady stream of posts relating to Lady Gaga's contractual exploits (Sorry, Charlie, you will be upstaged), we are please to announce thatGaga  Rolling Stone reports that Lady Gaga and Target have apparently parted ways.  Tensions have arisen only about a month into a deal that was to give Target an exclusive license to sell the deluxe edition of Lady Gaga’s new album Born This Way.  The timeline of the conflict is a bit confusing.  Apparently, Lady Gaga's contract with the big box store included a clause that Target was to increase support of LGBT charity groups. 

Lady Gaga is (now?) upset with Target because last election season (i.e., well before Lady Gaga entered into a contractual relationship with the company) Target gave $150,000 to MN Forward- a Minnesota advocacy group that backed Tom Emmer in his losing run for governor of Minnesota. Tom Emmer is decidedly pro-life and anti gay marriage, as evidenced by his promotion of a state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and contributions to a Christian Rock organization that promotes violence against homosexuals.

Lady Gaga knew about Target's support for MN-Forward before entering the agreement.  She told Billboard last month she was not “comfortable” with the arrangement from the beginning but was trying to use this agreement to turn Target around and push them into making amends for their past wrongdoing. So why bring this up after Target has already given away free MP3s of her latest single?  As of now, Target is still pre-selling the album, which is to release in May.  Given those facts, it's not clear how Lady Gaga is going to be able to back out of the deal, unless of course she just goes back into her egg

[Katherine Freeman and JT]

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