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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Breaking News from Lithuania

Lithuanian Flag Friend of the blog, Tadas Klimas reports on his blog, Civitatus, that Lithuania has finally done away with the requirement that business entities use seals in connection with their government contracts.  Professor Klimas links to a government press release which explains that the government is eliminating the seal requirement because seals have no utility.  As the press release is in Lithuanian, we will have to take his word for it.  In any case, Professor Klimas fully endorses this view, noting that no "normal" -- i.e. Western -- country uses seals.  

So, Professor Klimas enthusiastically endorses the death of the seal, lamenting only that the change is long overdue.  We offer a different perspective.  Seals may be useless, but they are quaint, and imagine the poor Lithuanian artists who will be reduced to web design, now that life support has been removed from the seal industry.  Now that seals have been sacrificed to the gods of utility, what's next?  Coffee houses?  Poetry?  SpongeBob? Justin Bieber? Bricks and mortar law schools?!?


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