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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Forty-Five Left on a Boat, But Only Thirty-Six Came Back…

It’s been an eventful twenty-four hours at the Sixth International Contracts Conference at Stetson University Law School filled with contracts theory, insightful presentations, and a triumph of the human will.  The Professors embarked on a one hour boat tour, but ended up waylaid on the sandbar, rather like Prof. Bruno Zeller’s pants.  In Telman-style, Profs. Nancy Ota (Albany) and Emily Houh (Cincinnati) came up with some limericks in order to celebrate the adventure:

We were gathering to honor Macauley. Shipwreckphoto2 

Jamie Fox had planned for most folly.

But we boarded a boat

That could not stay afloat

How we wished we had taken a trolley.


They were talking of contracts in actionShipwreckphoto

Until the sand caused too much traction.

Nine jumped the boat.

Others hoped it would float

After which they would sue the captain.


Jamie Fox has good reason to gloat

A great conference plus a night on a boat.

So here’s a small token, JamieFoxBoat

Our gratitude unspoken

A reminder to find a deep moat.

[Meredith Miller / Miriam Cherry]

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Sometimes, even the most dedicated Limericist must concede that the form would be Procrustean with respect to certain subject matters.

With apologies to Edward Lear, I offer the following account of the voyage.

Nancy & Emily went to sea
On a beautiful sight-seeing boat
With consideration and firm expectation
That seacraft usually float.
The prawfs all gazed at the stars above
And raised their glasses in awe
“Oh, Stewart Macauley,
Macauley my dear,
You’ve changed our view of the law
The law
The law
You’ve changed our view of the law.”

Captain said to his crew
After due peer review
“How charmingly sweet they shout.”
Let’s take ’em ashore, and ’midst revels galore,
The Captain cried “Take us about!”
But he shouted too late; the boat would not abate.
It stopped in a manner bizarre.
So, close to the shore,
They reveled some more,
Trapped on a small floating bar
A bar
A bar
Trapped on a small floating bar.

Nine prawfs were done swilling and so they were willing
To wade through the waves to the shore.
And so they stalked away and flew off the next day
To return to their classrooms once more.
But the rest stayed aboard
And weren’t even bored
They elected contracts their King.
On that bar made of sand,
Each raised a right hand,
“Let’s meet up again next Spring
Next Spring
Next Spring
Let’s all get together next Spring!”

Posted by: Jeremy Telman | Feb 20, 2011 5:26:14 PM

I'm kind of hoping that Jamie will post the contract with the boat owner at some point.

Posted by: Dan Barnhizer | Feb 21, 2011 8:15:55 AM

Just like a formalist, Dan, to assume there is something tangible to post. (That's just a joke, of course, but we do have some post-breach discussions to have here this week.)

Posted by: Jamie Fox | Feb 21, 2011 4:26:28 PM


Some great rhymes!


Posted by: Miriam Cherry | Feb 22, 2011 9:51:38 AM

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