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Friday, January 21, 2011

Travel Advisory: Prostitution Is Illegal in Las Vegas

Breaking news from the New York Daily News, which now seems to be little more than a front organization for the Onion News Network.  According to the Daily News, New York college student Hubert Blackman is suing an escort service for $1.8 million.  He was unhappy because the stripper who performed a lap dance and a sex act for him left after half an hour and he had paid for an hour.  Here we have a dramatic reconstruction of their interactions [please note, the actors have substituted the word "argument" for an unspecified sex act in order to retain our PG-13 rating]:

Mr. Blackman was traumatized by the incident, especially since, when he called the police to complain about this breach of contract, they threatened to have him arrested and insisted on calling him "John" even though his name is Hubert. 


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