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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Civil Recourse Theory in the Sunshine State

A The Florida State University College of Law will host a "Symposium on Civil Recourse Theory" on February 11-12 in Tallahassee.  Civil Recourse Theory (CRT) is hot new theory in the private law area, and FSU has lined up an impressive panel of speakers.  Here's the sitch:

Civil recourse theory is an account of private law (property, contract and especially tort) according to which the primary purpose of private law is to empower victims to confront publicly those who have wronged them and enlist the state’s help in addressing those wrongs. This event brings together some of the world’s top scholars in private law to discuss this emerging area of legal philosophy.

The proceedings will be published in the FSU Law Review.  Attendance at the conference in free.  And even better (if you've blown your travel budget) is that the school will provide live streaming video of the whole bean feed.  Full details here.

If you're not familiar with CRT, a good introduction from a contract law perspective is Nate Oman's (Wm. & Mary) Consent to Retaliation: A Civil Recourse Theory of Contractual Liability.

FGS (via Curtis Bridgeman)

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