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Thursday, January 6, 2011

AALS Meeting Affected By Labor Dispute

AALS As many readers of this blog already know, many of us are currently in San Francisco attending the annual meeting of our bricks and mortar mother ship, the Association of American Law Schools.  That meeting has been the subject of some controversy this year, as its official home is San Francisco's Hilton Union Square Hotel, which has been the subject of a union-organized boycott for over a year now.  

Unfortunately, this is not the sort of situation that lends itself to neutrality.  The workers are encouraging consumers to boycott the affected hotels rather than striking.  Consumers thus choose whether to side with management or with the union by booking at the Hilton or booking elsewhere.  And the union faces a challenge because without a strike and picket lines, boycotted hotels look pretty much like other hotels.  You would not know when you walked by or entered the hotel that it is the subject of a labor dispute.  Information about the boycott can be found here.

The AALS is caught in the middle, as it made its contractual  commitment to the Hilton long before the boycott began and apparently could not back out without incurring very high costs.  The AALS's leadership set forth their reasoning for not cancelling or relocating here.  Subsequently, the vast majority of section organizers determined that their sessions will be held elsewhere, including two very exciting sessions organized by the Contracts section, as detailed in Keith's post below.  I believe that our other regular bloggers will be in attendance, and we would all welcome the opportunity to meet with our readers and discuss ways to improve the blog.


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