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Friday, December 3, 2010

News in Brief . . . . December 3, 2010

A NEW YORK (N.Y.):  Actress Ellen Barkin reportedly has won a bitter court battle to get $4.3 million from her billionaire ex-husband Ron Perelman, who had agreed to invest the money in her film production company.  (Left: The couple in happier times.)

DAR ES SALAAM (Tanzania):  Just a day after an arbitration panel of the International Chamber of Commerce ordered the financially-troubled Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco) to pay a $123.6 million in breach of contract damages, the Tanzanian government is being asked to bail out the state utility company or face serious economic harm to the country.

MINNEAPOLIS (Minn.):  "Digital Angel Corp. said Thursday that a federal jury in Florida has ruled against Michael Krawitz, the former CEO of a predecessor company who sued Digital Angel over breach of contract."

EUGENE (Ore.): "Six years after the death of spiritual leader Yogi Bhajan, three legal battles are under way in Oregon and California over the use of the name ‘yogi’ in food products and ingredients."

LONDON (U.K.):  "Former Wilson Phillips singer Carnie Wilson has been fired from her job as the face of The Fresh Diet because she didn’t lose enough weight while she was on the program."

AUSTIN (Tex.): "A dispute over a multibillion-dollar water-sharing contract that fell apart last year led the San Antonio Water System and the Lower Colorado River Authority back to court Wednesday."

SANTA CLARA (Calif.):  "Latham & Watkins Litigator Overcomes 'Slam Dunk' Evidence to Win Defense Verdict in Marvell Trade Secrets Case."

SYDNEY (N.S.W.): "Qantas Airways is claiming damages from engine maker Rolls-Royce over faulty Airbus A380 engines and loss of business, as investigators concluded a design fault was the likely cause of a mid-air engine failure on an Airbus A380 last month."

NEW YORK (N.Y.):  The New York Yankees have apparently agreed on a new 2-year, $30 million contract with 41-year-old reliever Mariano Rivera, and have increased their 3-year, $45 million offer to 36-year-iold shortstop Derek Jeter.



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