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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Handling disruptive students?

Over at TaxProf, Paul Caron links to an article raising the question, "Should faculty members walk out of the class if students are too busy texting to pay attention?"  Steve Banbridge at his Professor Bainbridge blog has an interesting discussion going on about that topic in the comments.

I've never had problems even remotely similar to those in the article, but I find it hard to believe that walking out is a sensible solution.  Unless the weather's really good and the fish are biting.

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I've never had serious problems with disruptive students, but I did often call on students hunched behind their laptop screens and get the flustered response "Uh, could you repeat the question?" Sometimes I would catch a student nudging another student and pointing at the screen. That sufficed for me as evidence that the devices are disruptive.

Last year, I started banning all electronic devices from my courses. I have no regrets and I get very little flack on my evaluations. Few students comment on it at all, and those who do are about evenly split between those who want to be allowed to use laptops responsibly and those who are happy not be distracted by other students' web browsing.

Posted by: Jeremy Telman | Dec 2, 2010 5:15:52 AM

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