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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Today in History -- November 7

680 – The Third Council of Constantinople opens. It will subsequently condemn the heresy of monotheletism, the notion that Christ had only a single (divine) will.

A 1492 – With an explosion that can be heard 80 miles away, a flaming 279-pound rock falls from the sky an smashes into a field near the village of Ensisheim in Alsace. Emperor Maximilian I takes it as a good omen for his wars against the French and the Swiss, but he turns out to be mistaken.

1775 – John Murray, Earl of Dunmore, the Royal Governor of Virginia, issues a proclamation offering emancipation to all slaves in the colony who will take up arms on behalf of the Crown against the rebels.

1811 – Near the confluence of the Tippecanoe and Wabash rivers, a mixed force of U.S. regulars and militia under Governor William Henry Harrison defeats a nine-tribe coalition under Tecumseh. Fewer than 1,500 men participate in the battle on both sides—fewer than 100 are killed—but it will lead to the ultimate defeat of Tecumseh’s Confederacy.

1872 – The 300-ton brigantine Mary Celeste sails from New York harbor bound for Genoa with a cargo of 1,700 barrels of commercial alcohol. Less than a month later it will be found drifting of the Azores, its entire crew having disappeared without a trace.

1874 – New York cartoonist Thomas Nast of Harper's Weekly for the first time uses an elephant as a symbol for the U.S. Republican Party.

1907 – Mexican railway engineer Jesús García Corona, 27, saves the entire Sonoran town of Nacozari de Garcia from destruction by by heroically driving a blazing train full of dynamite four miles out of town where it explodes. He is killed in the process.

1916 – Jeannette Rankin of Montana becomes the first woman elected to the U.S. Congress.


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