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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today in History -- November 18

326 – On the site of what is believed to be the tomb of St. Peter in Rome, a basilica ordered by Constantine I and dedicated to the apostle is consecrated.

1302 – Lawyer Benedetto Gaetani (a/k/a Pope Boniface VIII) issues the Papal bull Unam sanctam (One Faith), which stresses the unity of the Church, the Church’s role in eternal salvation, and the position of the pope as supreme head of the Church.

1307 – Swiss bowman William Tell splits an apple on his son’s head with a crossbow bolt.

1477 – William Caxton’s Dictes or Sayengis of the Philosophres, become the first book printed on a printing press in England.  More would follow, most not nearly as improving.

1686 – After practicing the surgery on several handy prisoners to make sure he could do it correctly surgeon Charles François Felix successfully removes an abscess from the anus of French King Louis XIV.  It’s good to be the king.

1803 – Haitian rebels under the command of Jean-Jacques Dessalines decisively defeat the French at the Battle of Vertires, effectively securing independence for Haiti.

1883 – American and Canadian railroads unite to institute five standard continental time zones in an effort to avoid dealing with thousands of different local times.

1928 – Disney Cartoons releases the animated short Steamboat Willie, the first fully synchronized sound cartoon and the birth of Mickey Mouse.

1993 – The U.S. House of Representatives ratifies the North American Free Trade Agreement.


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