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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The customer is not right

Aa This is a tough time for small businesses pretty much everywhere.  But a Boston food mart that just went out of business isn't blaming the economy.  It's blaming its customers.  Turns out they weren't as sophisticated and loyal as the owners thought they'd be:

"Don Otto’s Market wants to say we had few customers that understood customer loyalty and its importance to our business,” a message on its Web site reads, later adding: “If you came in only for baguettes, the occasional piece of cheese, the occasional dinner . . . you can not tell yourself you were a supporter of our market.”

A particular gripe is customers who insisted on buying exactly what they wanted, instead of what the store happened to sell.  One of the owners remarked:

“People don’t understand their purchases make a difference, and that by buying something that wasn’t exactly what you want, it gets you closer to what you want. It’s an investment." 

You've got to feel a little sorry for the owners, but this isn't an attitude you see very often in successful businesses.


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