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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kelly gets Inside Contract Law

1908RandallCountyCourthouseCanyonTexas907TJnsn Michael Kelly at San Diego has a new student-friendly book due out in mid-December, Inside Contract Law:  What Matters and Why.  Some of the features:

  • ;basic coverage of the main themes of contract law in theory and practice
  • ;a straightforward and informative writing style
  • ;Overviews -a brief introduction to each chapter that positions the topic within the course
  • ;FAQs-frequently asked questions with complete answers-many of which address common mistakes and ambiguities
  • ;Sidebars-text boxes that contain interesting asides touching on history, policy, and law
  • ;visual aids, such as tables and flow charts, that illustrate key concepts
  • ;Chapter Summaries and boldfaced legal terms
  • ;Connections-a bulleted list at the end of each chapter that connects key points to related topics in other chapters
  • ;attractive, uncluttered, two-color page design

The book is available at Amazon and through Aspen Publishers.  I suspect the Aspen rep will get you one if you teach contracts.


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