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Friday, November 26, 2010

Gamboling Through Gaming and Gambling

1908RandallCountyCourthouseCanyonTexas907TJnsn The folks at Aspen Publishing -- or Wolters Kluwer if they prefer it -- have a new title out, Gaming and Gambling Law:  Cases and Materials, by Dean Kevin Washburn of New Mexico, 

With gambling now viewed not as a vice that discourages thrift and responsibility but as an "industry" that "brings job to the community," the subject is only going to get more popular.  Here's the publisher's synopsis:

Gaming and Gambling Law: Cases and Materials combines policy interrogatories and the application of legal concepts in a thoughtful examination of gaming and gambling, in casinos and on-line. Kevin Washburn has created a teaching vehicle that sparks students’ interest and prompts them to apply a range of legal concepts to current and real-world issues.

Illuminating issues of criminal law, federalism, regulation, due process, and contracts, Gaming and Gambling Law features:

    • the expertise of Kevin Washburn in field and classroom
    • key issues and policy questions that arise in both legal and illegal gambling
    • up-to-date coverage of the fast-growing phenomenon of on-line gamgambling
    • a comparative law and policy perspective looks at the different regulatory models that govern legalized gambling and highlights key differences

For a thoroughly engaging class experience with a high pay off in learning, Gaming and Gambling Law is a sure bet. A great draw for second and third-year law students, this concise coursebook engages students in the law, policy, and regulatory practices that surround an iconic industry.


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