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Friday, October 22, 2010

Today in History -- October 23

1456 – St. John of Capistrano, who gave up a successful legal and political career to preach, and who at age 70 successfully led troops that broke the Muslim siege of Belgrade, dies of bubonic plague at Ilok in Croatia.

1642 – A Parliamentary force under the Earl of Essex fights a draw against an army under King Charles I at Edgehill in Warwickshire.  This is the first major battle of the English Civil War.

1707 – The first Parliament of the new Kingdom of Great Britain – which has just been created by the union of England and Scotland – meets at Westminster.

1908RandallCountyCourthouseCanyonTexas907TJnsn 1850 – Nine hundred men and women from eleven states meet in Worcester, Massachusetts, for the first National Women's Rights Convention.

1867 – Pursuant to the new Constitution Act, the Crown summons 72 men to make up the new Senate of Canada.

1869 – Football legend John William Heisman is born at Cleveland, Ohio. He’ll go on to become the first college football coach to be paid like a star, getting $2,250 a year plus 30 percent of the gate receipts from Georgia Tech in 1904.

1935 – Gunmen from Murder, Inc. cut down gangster Dutch Schultz and three of his associates at the Palace Chophouse on 12 East Park St. in Newark, New Jersey. Schultz’s last words: "French-Canadian pea soup."

2001 – Apple, Inc. releases the iPod. Since that time the company’s stock has risen from $12 to $308 a share.

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