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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Today in History -- October 14

1066 – Troops led by William, Duke of Normandy, kill English King Harold II at the Battle of Hastings. William assumes the crown, leading to two things that will bedevil future generations of law students:  law french and feudal tenures.

1644 – Future American real estate tycoon William Penn—perhaps the only man to own an entire U.S. state—is born at London.

1834 – Armed warfare breaks out in Philadelphia as Whigs and Democrats contest an election, leaving 1 man dead and many injured. The New York Times subsequently decries the growing lack of civility in American civil discourse.

A 1882 – The Senate of the new British-founded University of the Punjab meets for the first time.

1884 – Inventor and entrepreneur George Eastman gets a patent for his new invention, photographic film.

1894 – Poet edward estlin cummings is born to a family so poor they cannot even afford to give their children capital letters.

1911 – U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan, the former Know-Nothing politician who became the lone dissenter in The Civil Rights Cases and Plessy v. Ferguson, dies in Washington, D.C.

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