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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today in History -- October 13

54 – Nero becomes emperor of Rome. Things will not turn out well.

409 – Two German tribes, the Vandals and the Alans, cross the Pyrenees into Roman Hispania, where they are given lands to settle in exchange for military service.

1307 – In an early example of "strategic default," King Philip IV of France—deeply in debt to Knights Templar who have loaned money to finance his English wars—has them all arrested and executed.

1792 – The cornerstone of the new U.S. Executive Mansion is laid.  Several future President will also get laid there.

1845 – Voters in the Republic of Texas approve a new constitution that will allow them to join the Union.

A 1890 – U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Freeman Miller—who had been confirmed by the Senate a half-hour after his appointment by President Lincoln in 1862—dies in Washington, D.C.

1946 – France adopts the constitution of the Fourth Republic. It is not a success.

1967 – The Oakland Oaks defeat the Anaheim Amigos 134-129 in the first-ever American Basketball Association game. The league will survive and later merge with the NBA, but both of these teams will fold.

1983 – Ameritech Mobile Communications (later part of SBC and even later of AT&T)  launches the first cellular telephone service in Chicago.


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