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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Couric, facing "massive" salary cut, hits road to talk to little people

1908RandallCountyCourthouseCanyonTexas907TJnsn Things aren't going well at CBS for America's Sweetheart, Katie Couric.  As her five-year deal comes to a close with her newscast dead last for the fifth straight year, reports are that she'll either have to take a big pay cut or get banished to cable.  This may seem unfair, since her predecessor Dan Rather was allowed to finish last for about 25 consecutive years without getting a pay cut, but times are tougher now.

So Couric has decided to hit the road to connect with what she blithely calls "the great unwashed" our here in the middle part of the country which she doesn't see very often.  Some of the folks here in Texas got a little offended by that, since many of us bathe every Saturday and change our underwear twice a week, but Couric assures us that she "wasn't being disparaging."  That's just apparently what they call us in Manhattan.

You have to wonder what she thinks saying things like that will do for either her ratings or her contract renewal.  CBS CEO Les Moonves says he's still really happy he lured her away from NBC five years ago with a massive $15 million-a-year contract, but now says the network hasn't even begun to talk about extending her contract.  That doesn't sound like a good sign.


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