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Friday, October 15, 2010

Best law schools for big-firm partners?

A THe indefatigable Paul Caron at TaxProf has a rundown on some work by Loyola-L.A.'s Ted Seto (left) on which law schools produce the most partners at America's biggest law firms.  The list looks a lot like what you'd expect, but there are some big surprises.  If you want to go the big-firm route, long-established (but not "elite") big-city schools like Fordham, Hastings, Boston College,Loyola-Chicago, and SMU are heavily represented among big-firm partners.   Some schools (USF, Loyola-L.A., and Loyola-Chicago) do much better on this metric than they do in the U.S. News rankins.  Seto's description of his initial findings on the MoneyLaw blog is here.

A perceptive comment, though, from one reader of the TaxProf blog:  "This is like looking up at the stars. All you see is an image of the past. How long ago were these partners in school?"


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