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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

People's Court: Contract Dispute at the Flaming Hearth

One of my former contracts students brought this People's Court dispute to my attention because of its eerie (and coincidental) similarity to the fact pattern on my Spring 2010 exam.  Though, I had the added issue of a supervening referendum that (re)banned same-sex marriage.  

Short of it: Plaintiff put down a $1000 deposit on a wedding reception venue called the Flaming Hearth.  She was only required to put down a $500 deposit.  She decided the dance floor wasn't big enough ("cause it's all about dancing to me") and reneged on the contract, asking for the extra $500 back.  The owner of the Flaming Hearth refused to return any portion of the deposit, stating that the dance floor was big enough and the plaintiff was in breach of contract.

Here's the dispute:

Here's the "Judge's" "ruling":

Do you agree with the result?  

[Meredith R. Miller h/t Cynthia Motschmann]

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