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Monday, May 3, 2010

Blawgosphere Roundup on Contracts Issues

Monitor Since we crowed a few weeks back about our imperialistic tendency to write on topics beyond contracts law (conventionally conceived), we would also like to note the other worthwhile blog posts of interest to our readers:

Over at Text and History, Elizabeth Wydra  of the Constitutional Accountability Center, has a series of posts on the U.S. Supreme Court's recent arbitration decisions.

Deepak Gupta tales on the Supreme Court's Stolt-Nielsen opinion on Public Citizen's Public Law & Policy Blog.

The ADR Prof Blog has two new posts on Stolt-Nielsen: This one shares the thoughts of Paul Kirgis; this one shares the thoughts of Jean Sternlight

Matt Bodie has wise things to say about the oral arguments Rent-A-Center on the Prawfsblawg, in part in conversation with Aaron Bruhl, who has also blogged about the case on Prawfsblawg.  

Mitu Gulati explains what the Greek debt contracts actually say over at The Faculty Lounge.

[Jeremy Telman]

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