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Friday, April 9, 2010

Brad Stevens Not Going to Ball State

As reported in the Los Angeles Times, Butler University basketball coach Brad Stevens has agreed to a lengthy extension of his contract.  Although most reports suggest that this is a 12-year deal, the truth is that the contract will run for 12 years or until Mr. Stevens needs to shave, whichever comes last. 

This puts an end to speculation that Mr. Stevens might take Dave Letterman up on his offer (or was it a joke?) to pay Mr. Stevens his (that is, Letterman's) salary for one year if Mr. Stevens would agree to coach at Ball State.  The full interview, with an annoying ad, is below.

The excitement about Butler's performance in the NCAA basketball tournament was quite intense here in Valparaiso.  You might think that folks around here would be hostile to Butler, our Horizon League rival.  Not so.  I asked a random colleague what her connection to Butler was.  Her answer was reminiscent of Marisa Tomei's response in My Cousin Vinny when asked why she was qualified to testify about cars: "My brother went to Butler, my sister went to Butler.  My uncle and three of my cousins went to Butler.  Two of my nephews are at Butler now, and I'm not saying we're avid Butler Basketball fans, but the only kind of dog anybody in my family has ever owned so long as I can remember is a bulldog."

[Jeremy Telman]

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