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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Now in Print

PileofbooksRichard L. BarnesManipulating Court Doctrine for the Good of the Common Law and Compulsory Arbitration, 51 S. Tex. L. Rev. 41 (2009).

Gerald CaplanLegal Autopsies: Assessing the Performance of Judges and Lawyers Through the Window of Leading Contract Cases, 73 Alb. L. Rev. 1 (2009).

Samir ChopraLaurence White, Artificial Agents and the Contracting Problem: A Solution Via an Agency Analysis, 2009 U. Ill. J.L. Tech. & Pol'y 363.

David Collins, Settlement Agreements, Legal Information and the Mistake of Law Rule in Contract, 61 N. Ir. L.Q. 1 (2010).

Nicholas Curwen, Confusing Contract and Tort When Measuring Damages for a Seller's Conversion of Goods Sold, 17 Waikato L. Rev. 25 (2009).

Katherine Doornik, Incentive Contracts with Enforcement Costs, 26 J.L. Econ. & Org. 115 (2010).

Steven W. Feldman, Autonomy and Accountability in the Law of Contracts: A Response to Professor Shiffrin, 58 Drake L. Rev. 177 (2009).

Stephen R. Ginger, Attorneys' Fees Awards to Contract Non-signatories: Should Equitable Estoppel Inform the Discretion of the Courts?, 40 Golden Gate U. L. Rev. 15 (2009).

Margaret N. Kniffin, Conflating and Confusing Contract Interpretation and the Parol Evidence Rule: Is the Emperor Wearing Someone Else's Clothes?, 62 Rutgers L. Rev. 75 (2009).

Proshanto K. MukherjeeAbhinayan Basu Bal, A Legal and Economic Analysis of the Volume Contract Concept under the Rotterdam Rules: Selected Issues in Perspective, 40 J. Mar. L. & Com. 579 (2009).

Jared Tong, You Pay for What You Get: The Argument for Allowing Parties to Contract Around Patent Exhaustion, 46 Hous. L. Rev. 1711 (2010).

Tess Wilkinson-Ryan, Do Liquidated Damages Encourage Breach? A Psychological Experiment, 108 Mich. L. Rev. 633 (2010).

[Keith A. Rowley]

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