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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Weekly Top Ten

TOP 10 Papers for Journal of Contracts & Commercial Law

October 3, 2009 to December 2, 2009

Rank Downloads Paper Title
1 193 The Effect of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency Act of 2009 on Consumer Credit
David S. Evans, David S. Evans, Joshua D. Wright,
University College London, University of Chicago Law School, George Mason University - School of Law, Faculty,
2 187 Gods at War: Shotgun Takeovers, Government by Deal and the Private Equity Implosion
Steven M. Davidoff,
University of Connecticut School of Law,
3 173 The 2005 Rules of the Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration - Revisited
Simon Greenberg, Luke R. Nottage, Romesh Weeramantry,
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), University of Sydney - Faculty of Law, City University of Hong Kong (CityUHK),
4 124 Interpretation and Implied Terms in Contract Law
George M. Cohen,
University of Virginia School of Law,
5 120 Conflict of Laws and Choice of Law
Erin A. O'Hara, Larry E. Ribstein,
Vanderbilt University School of Law, University of Illinois College of Law,
6 117 A Critique of Evans and Wright’s Study of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency Act
Adam J. Levitin,
Georgetown University - Law Center,
7 102 Langdell and the Invention of Legal Doctrine
Catharine P. Wells,
Boston College - Law School, 
8 101 Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Home Mortgage Foreclosure Crisis
Christopher Lewis Peterson,
University of Utah - S.J. Quinney College of Law,
9 100 Duress in Contracts: An Economic Analysis
Péter Cserne,
Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC) ,
10 97 ProCD v. Zeidenberg and Cognitive Overload in Contractual Bargaining
Eric A. Posner,
University of Chicago - Law School,

[Jeremy Telman]

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Now in Print: Catching Up (Round 2)


Kristen David Adams, Promise Enforcement in Mortgage Lending: How U.S. Borrowers and Lenders Can See Themselves as Part of a Shared Goal, 28 Rev. Banking & Fin. L. 507 (2008-09).

Richard Austen-Baker, Comprehensive Contract Theory: A Four-Norm Model of Contract Relations, 25 J. Contract L. 216 (2009).

Justice F. D. J. Brand, The Role of Good Faith, Equity and Fairness in the South African Law of Contract: The Influence of the Common Law and the Constitution, 126 S. Afr. L.J. 71 (2009).

Antonio Bueno & Deborah Tompkinson, Enforcing Agreements: Agreements to Negotiate, Are They Enforceable? (Pt. I), 159 New L.J. 1511 (2009).

Antonio Bueno & Deborah Tompkinson, Enforcing Agreements: Agreements to Negotiate, Are They Enforceable? (Pt. II), 159 New L.J. 1547 (2009).

J.W. Carter & G.J. Tolhurst, Recovery of Contract Debts Following Termination for Breach, 25 J. Contract L. 191 (2009).

Amanda Harmon Cooley, Marka S. Fleming & Gwendolyn McFadden-Wade, Morality and Money: Contractual Morals Clauses as Fiscal and Reputational Safeguards, 14 J. Legal Stud. Bus. 1 (2008).

Louis F. Del Duca, Albert H. Kritzer & Daniel Nagel, Achieving Optimal Use of Harmonization Techniques in an Increasingly Interrelated Twenty-first Century World of Consumer Sales: Moving the EU Harmonization Process to a Global Plane, 27 Penn St. Int'l L. Rev. 641 (2009).

Antony W. Dnes, Franchise Contracts, Opportunism and the Quality of Law, 3 Entrepreneurial Bus. L.J. 257 (2009).

Alexander Drylewski, Note, When Fighting Is Impossible: A Contractual Approach to the Military's Conscientious Objection Rules, 74 Brook. L. Rev. 1445 (2009).

Robert W. Emerson, Franchise Contracts and Territoriality: A French Comparison, 3 Entrepreneurial Bus. L.J. 315 (2009).

Cheong May Fong, The Malaysian Contracts Act of 1950: Some Legislative and Judicial Developments Towards a Modern Law of Contract, 25 J. Contract L. 244 (2009).

Aviva Freilich & Eileen Webb, The Incorporation of Contractual Terms in Unsigned Documents -- Is it Time for a Realistic, Consumer-Friendly Approach?, 34 U.W. Austl. L. Rev. 261 (2009).

Joshua D. H. Karton & Lorraine de Germiny, Has the CISG Advisory Council Come of Age?, 27 Berk. J. Int'l L. 448 (2009).

Gregory Klass, Intent to Contract, 95 Va. L. Rev. 1437 (2009).

Jody S. Kraus, The Correspondence of Contract and Promise, 109 Colum. L. Rev. 1603 (2009).

Jody S. Kraus & Robert E. Scott, Contract Design and the Structure of Contractual Intent, 84 NYU L. Rev. 1023 (2009).

Shannon D. Kung, Comment, The Reverse Triangular Merger Loophole and Enforcing Anti-assignment Clauses, 103 Nw. U. L. Rev. 1037 (2009).

Francine Lafontaine & Roger D. Blair, The Evolution of Franchising and Franchise Contracts: Evidence from the United States, 3 Entrepreneurial Bus. L.J. 381 (2009).

Florencia Marotta-Wurgler, Are "Pay Now, Terms Later" Contracts Worse for Buyers? Evidence from Software License Agreements, 38 J. Legal Stud. 309 (2009).

Stephen Mason & Roger Porkess, Chip & PIN Fallacies: Debunk[ing] Some Myths About Debit Card Fraud, 159 New L.J. 1413 (2009).

Thomas D. Musgrave, Comparative Contractual Remedies, 34 U.W. Austl. L. Rev. 300 (2009).

Jeannie Marie Paterson, Implied Fetters on the Exercise of Discretionary Contractual Powers, 35 Monash U.L. Rev. 45 (2009).

Ian Pease, The Edifice Begins to Crack: Identif[ying] the Cracks in Chartbrook [Ltd. v. Persimmon Homes Ltd., [2009] H.L. 38], 159 New. L.J. 1435 (2009).

Naved Sheikh, Note, Community Benefits Agreements: Can Private Contracts Replace Public Responsibility? 18 Cornell J.L. & Pub. Pol'y 223 (2008).

Ian J. Silverbrand, Workplace Romance and the Economic Duress of Love Contract Policies, 54 Vill. L. Rev. 155 (2009).

Jonathan S. Solorzano, An Uncertain Penalty: A Look at the International Community's Inability to Harmonize the Law of Liquidated Damage and Penalty Clauses, 15 L. & Bus. Rev. Americas 779 (2009).

Susan Barkehall Thomas, Proprietary Responses to Voidable Contracts: A Misconceived Analysis, 25 J. Contract L. 272 (2009).

[Keith A. Rowley]

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