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Monday, December 28, 2009

Salahis: Famous for Breach of Contract

GateTareq and Michaele Salahi have become famous for making a surprise appearance at a White House dinner, known as the "gatecrashing incident," but a recent Washington Post report suggests that they really should be famous for breach of contract.  According to the report, the stylish couple has been named, individually, collectively or through a business that they own, in 30 law suits since 2004.  The suits range from the petty (a collection action for $4000 worth of hair extensions) to the slightly less petty (a claim that the couple owes a promoter $25,000 for flying a band to a charity event).  Three couples who held their weddings at the Salahis’ Oasis vineyard have sued, claiming that the wedding bill included large, unexplained charges.

According to the Post report, some of the suits were settled out of court, in some the Salahis were ordered to pay, and in a few cases, they won.  The report recounts a number of incidents in which, despite settlement agreements or court orders to do so, the Salahis or their company have not paid their creditors.

[Jeremy Telman]

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