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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Recording Review Sessions

As I've mentioned before, I hold review sessions at the end of the semester for my contracts courses.  I take about four hours (two, two-hour review sessions) to orally outline the course.  I also record the sessions so that students who cannot attend can watch later. 

But this is where the trouble starts.  In most situations, I am not a vain person.  In these videos, however, my butt looks like it has its own zip code, I seem to be in need of a manzier, and my neanderthal brow overhangs my eyes so as to render them invisible.  Well, one picture is worth a thousand words; here's a still from my most recent review session (I was having a bit of difficulty with my PowerPoint presentation):

Meatball Father
Shouldn't my law school pay to provide the sort of technical support that would permit the review session recordings to show me as I really am?

Body Builder
[Jeremy Telman]

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