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Monday, October 19, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus Attorneys

Undecaplets Many regular readers have written to complain about the blog's non-existent coverage of the greatest drama of the 21st century thus far, the War of the Gosselins.  The truth is, we were barred from writing about "other reality television programs" under the terms of various letters of intent that we had entered into with reality television production companies interested in pitching shows that centered on our blog and our rivalries with other law blogs.  Sadly enough, television viewers will now never see that drama.  

We were able to overcome the initial obstacle that the camera crews kept on falling asleep while filming the "action shots," which consisted of us eating ding dongs, sipping coffee and Mountain Dew while composing blog posts and chortling as we flamed our various nemeses.  But when the focus groups that viewed the pilot for our show also fell asleep, each production company in turn told us "we should do lunch some time."  Whatever that means.  

So, to get you up to speed. reports the following: Jon and Kate are separated.  TLC, the channel that brought us "Jon & Kate Plus 8," decided to continue with a show that focused on Kate's "journey as a single mother."  Jon pulled the plug on that by denying TLC access to his home, expressing concern [get this!] for his children.  You can watch Jon and his central-casting-provided attorney on Larry King Live here.  It will really be a shame if "Kate Plus 8" never appears.  As the advance publicity shot provided here indicates, Kate will inspire other mothers of multiples with her tips on keeping in shape while pregnant through hoola hoop exercises and rhythmic gymnastics.

TLC is fighting back, alleging that Jon has violated his contract with the network by giving unauthorized television interviews.  TLC alleges damages of $30,000, but Jon, through his attorney, challenges the enforceability of the contract and also argues that the contract was terminated when TLC decided to replace "Jon & Kate Plus 8" with "Kate Plus 8."  

Both Jon and Kate intend to continue their television careers, and I think the title of this post provides a name for their next reality television series.

[Jeremy Telman]

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